Take control of your pricing performance

Managing for impact between forecourt and store has never been more important. Kalibrate Pricing delivers fuel pricing technology and solutions that help retailers make optimal decisions about the things that matter most to consumers — fuel and merchandise. Kalibrate pricing strategies give retailers more ways to influence how, why and where consumers purchase fuel and merchandise.

Now, you can leverage prescriptive analytics, powerful controls and robust data for the total profitability of your pricing ecosystem. And customizable workspaces mean your teams will make faster, smarter decisions that turn performance into profit across the lifecycle of your pricing practice.

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Retail Fuel Pricing


Maximize margin? Grow fuel volume? Optimize your fuel pricing strategy with more parameters, turning plain analysis into prescriptive analytics. With the industry’s foremost fuel and convenience retail management platform, Kalibrate gives pricing teams the power to execute consistent price strategies for optimal profits. 
Leverage supply and demand for a competitive advantage. Define impact areas based on consumer spending patterns, then set prices that won’t encroach on neighboring outlets.

With Kalibrate's Retail Fuel Pricing you can

  • Execute pricing strategies within minutes from a smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • Manage pricing, process and compliance risks more effectively than ever
  • Leverage pricing decisions across your retail network
  • Leverage supply and demand for competitive advantage
  • Define price impact areas based on consumer spending patterns 
  • Benefit from fast delivery and low total cost of ownership
  • Get valuable mapping and analytics
  • Utilize Kalibrate’s unmatched domain expertise and market insight
  • Tailor your fuel pricing process to your needs
  • Use data and historical insights to determine optimal fuel retail pricing

Dealer Fuel Pricing

Aligning buyer and seller for optimum value

Dealer pricing comes in many flavors, but every quote needs to achieve the same thing: profitability. Large dealer networks with a complex suite of business structures and customer relationships need a flexible, full-featured solution that goes beyond spreadsheets and simple rules-based pricing. Kalibrate’s Dealer Fuel Pricing module can help to align seller and buyer value drivers for optimum value across the relationship.  

With Kalibrate's Dealer Fuel Pricing you can

  • Flexibly create any contract pricing formula 
  • Automate pricing for the life of the contract
  • Align value drivers important to buyer and seller 
  • Define variables such as cost and margin to align pricing with your current business practices 
  • Use predictive analytics and margin forecasts to make knowledge-driven decisions at the start of a contract
  • Get real-time visibility into price performance for the life of the contract
  • Move contracts from a focus on volume to a focus on margin and profitability

Wholesale Pricing


Remember when prices moved just one or two cents a week? Or when prices changed daily at midnight, and your supplier alerted you six to eight hours in advance? Today, intra-day prices are moving multiples of your unit margin, and product costs can vary dramatically by the hour. The risks and opportunities of this new reality call for a revolutionary approach to wholesale marketing. We call it Kalibrate Wholesale.

With Kalibrate Wholesale you can

  • Maximize gross margin and meet volume targets, all within your existing pricing policy
  • Access accurate and timely analytics and trend analysis
  • React quickly and more effectively to competitor price changes and other market conditions
  • Continuously monitor performance, highlighting exceptions and responding quickly and strategically
  • Achieve consistency across your network, eliminating pricing errors and improving customer satisfaction
  • Minimize distracting and repetitive activities, such as maintaining spreadsheets and updating legacy systems manually
  • Manage pricing execution vs. strategy at the terminal, product and customer levels
  • Anticipate and manage demand changes related to local weather conditions

It’s time to get started.

The best way to get to know Kalibrate's Pricing Cloud is to try it for yourself.


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