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Global reach, expertise, and experience. Advanced software and data. And people that care.
Kalibrate has it all

For over 25 years, Kalibrate has advised fuel and convenience retailers worldwide on how to be best-in-class operators in the fast-changing marketplace. Kalibrate is the authority in fuel pricing, location planning, market data, and traffic count data. These solutions have been deployed in over 70 countries with hundreds of clients of all sizes, including oil companies, convenience stores, and supermarkets.

Experienced people plus great software — a unique combination

Our retail intelligence software is backed by our people, who offer insight — not just analytics — so every retailer and dealer we interact with can better capitalize on opportunities.

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We continuously innovate and adapt with changes in the retail fuel and convenience industry

The industry has evolved a lot in the past 25 years, and so have we. We grasp the fine balance between change and consistently meeting client needs. It’s a proud legacy of success.

7 Elements for Fuel and Convenience Retail Success

Discover how you can gain pricing power by planning for volume. Download your copy of Uncover Hidden Value with 7 Elements for Fuel and Convenience Retail Success.

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We believe in loyalty and partnership. In fact, our first client is still a client today

We're thrilled with our ability to keep clients happy across decades and major industry shifts. As a reliable partner for pricing and planning, we focus on client service and integrity above all.

Continual growth for our company and our clients

We're continually growing our business to help you grow yours. With global experience in all stages of market growth, it's no surprise that the most successful brands use Kalibrate – over 300 and counting.

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