Some advice about site acquisition...

Avoid biting the hand that feeds you

Be sure you’ve not already saturated your market. Opening another site might mean cannibalizing your own brand.

Play the field

Review all potential new locations, not just the first one you found. Which will be the most accessible, the most visible, and the most profitable?

What needs changing?

Maybe an existing competitor site performs ok. If you acquire it, rebuild it, and rebrand it – would the increase in volume to your network be worth your time and investment?

You don’t have a crystal ball…

…And you can’t predict how these decisions will play out. You’ll just have to try them and see what happens… Or do you?

Forecast before you invest

Kalibrate offers an online strategic planning tool that helps fuel and convenience retailers optimize their network plan. Combine advanced modeling features, comprehensive market intelligence, and mapping capabilities to forecast a clear picture of your market, competitors, brand, and customers.

Data simulations can help predict which new sites will yield the best sales results for gasoline, retail diesel, convenience store, car wash, and quick service restaurant. They can also be used to investigate how an acquisition will impact your existing network. Market insights save you time by eliminating unsuitable areas from your property search.

Learn how you can use market insights and simulation data to grow your retail network.

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