June 4, 2015

Kalibrate Delivers Hydrogen Infrastructure Planning Results to NREL

Florham Park, PR

Location intelligence expertise reveals best hydrogen refueling station locations for California

Florham Park, NJ,  |   June 4, 2015

Kalibrate has released the results of its California hydrogen refueling infrastructure analysis to the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Because the availability and proper placement of retail hydrogen fueling outlets is critical to successful market adoption of FCEVs by consumers, Kalibrate was privileged to employ its fuels network planning expertise to identify the best locations for establishing a network of stations.

More than 30,000 locations were identified within the state of California and then ranked from best to worst based on their viability for introducing a hydrogen refueling station. Kalibrate collaborated with NREL hydrogen experts to identify the key drivers for ranking the locations. Initially, 22 variables were identified as potential candidates. Through statistical analysis, the 22 variables were reduced to 11 that were found to be the most important. At the top of the list were the number of households with annual income greater than $100,000, the number of existing gas stations within the trade area and the projected number of FCEV vehicle purchases. The existing gas stations are important to the infrastructure development as they offer a more economical means to introduce hydrogen refueling than a standalone, ground-up facility.

As of April, there were 11 existing hydrogen refueling stations in California with plans underway for 38 more stations. Kalibrate’s study recommends the best locations to fill in the gaps not covered by the existing and planned station network.

“One of the seven elements of a petroleum retailer’s success is market intelligence which includes an in-depth understanding of the competitive environment beyond traditional fuels,” said Bob Stein, president and chief executive officer of Kalibrate. “Alternative fuels are rapidly evolving and today’s retailers need to keep track of this growing market segment to determine if it will threaten their existing business or offer a new commercial opportunity.”

or over 20 years, the people of Kalibrate have been keeping global fuel retailers ahead of the curve in the fast moving world of fuel retail. In the beginning, we were known as KSS Fuels, the forerunner in fuel pricing automation. Today, merged with the people of MPSI, leaders in location intelligence and retail network planning, we are Kalibrate. We brought our thinking together into a focus on the 7 Elements for Fuel Retail Success: pricing, location, market, merchandising, facility, operations and brand. Our collective strength is grounded in performance and integrates strategy and technology solutions to give clients a competitive edge.  Kalibrate is headquartered in Manchester, United Kingdom and Florham Park, New Jersey. The company has a center of excellence in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Melbourne, Australia and sales operations around the world. For more information, please visitkalibrate.com.

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