February 28, 2013

Winning The Battle For Market Share

Florham Park, 2013, PR

KSS Fuels outlines strategic approach to defending or growing market share

Florham Park, NJ - February 28, 2013

KSS Fuels announced today the publication of a white paper defining strategies for fuel retailers looking to create sustainable market share growth. Using case study data and global industry experience, the white paper outlines substantiated techniques for more effectively managing market share in an environment of static to declining consumer demand and rising, volatile costs.

Reducing fuel prices to grow volume is not a sustainable solution and runs the risk of introducing greater retail price volatility and putting more pressure on thin margins. The answer lies in understanding why consumers choose one location over another and using that insight to make studied investments in site facilities and/or operations.

“Our clients are asking us how we can help them manage market share more effectively. They recognize the risks of only using price to influence market share and believe there’s more to be learned from analyzing their data,” said Bob Stein, President and CEO of KSS Fuels. “As we can now prove, the answers lie in using an approach supported by business intelligence tools dedicated to fuel retailing, known as Location Intelligence, to understand and quantify consumer behavior.”

For more information and a copy of the white paper on this new approach to “Winning the battle for market share,” visit the KSS Fuels website at www.kssfuels.com or contact your local office.

Kalibrate (formerly KSS Fuels) is the only global provider of fuels pricing and retail location intelligence, helping retailers fine-tune decisions to deliver on performance goals.  Its proven software, analytics and consulting solutions draw on more than 20 years of expertise and insight into the needs and opportunities of petroleum retailers. Kalibrate has headquarters in Manchester, United Kingdom and Florham Park, New Jersey. The company also has a Center of Excellence in Tulsa, Oklahoma and sales operations in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Texas, Canada, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Korea and Africa. For more information about Kalibrate, please visit Kalibrate.com.

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