Empowering United Pacific’s decision making with robust, accurate data

5 September, 2019

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United Pacific, through its retail convenience locations, has established itself as one of the largest independent owners and operators of gas stations and convenience stores in the Western United States.

Now operating stores across California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado, United Pacific’s sites fly under a number of different brands including Chevron, Conoco, 76, Phillips 66, Shell, and United Oil.

The challenge

United Pacific needed volume estimates for new to industry (NTI) sites that might be built, to validate acquisitions, and understand the best brand to operate the NTI sites under. 

The solution

Kalibrate used its Single Site Analysis to empower United Pacific’s decision making with robust, accurate data. Kalibrate provided a Single Site Analysis report for each potential location being assessed. Each report then allowed United Pacific to model a number of different scenarios.

Kalibrate’s Single Site Analysis pinpoints the specific blend of site characteristics that will offer maximum volume potential, by providing:

  • Timely, accurate, unbiased fuel and convenience store volume projections
  • Objective due diligence to support investment decisions and negotiations
  • Insights on adjacent offers to fuel and convenience
  • The ability to test multiple “what if” scenarios, to refine plans and avoid under or over-building
  • The opportunity to test the impact of proposed site plans to avoid cannibalizing nearby sites
  • Evaluation of strategic scenarios before committing to them


“The team there is great — I really enjoy working with them. They give us independent, scientifically led confirmation or refutation of belief. That’s important. If a seller smells that you’re not 100% confident, they’ll walk away. Kalibrate is a confidence booster.”

“I’m continually learning from Kalibrate’s reports, and I’m now in a position that I can discount sites before even trying them with Kalibrate. When I walk into the real estate committee to get approval, it’s good to have that third party validation that Kalibrate offers."  

Adam Furstein, Chief Development Officer, United Pacific

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