True Market Intelligence is about More Than Competition

4 October, 2016

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When you have access to true market intelligence, you have access to a lot more than just a data set full of information about your closest competition.

Yes, you want to understand your competitor's pricing strategies and how retail offerings might impact your fuel sales when there's a big box store nearby. But scoring against competition isn't the same as ranking your markets and illuminating your best opportunities for expansion or single-site growth. And scoring against competition on price alone certainly won't give you the earned permission to price with a competitive edge.

Exploring Holistic Visibility in Market Intelligence

Shifts in demand are likely one of your greatest challenges as you make decisions about your fuel network. But fuel pricing isn't the only factor driving demand, and if you treat it as such, you'll be missing out on the subtle insights that can help you grow volume in existing sites and choose the right markets to enter in the future.

Understanding consumer behaviors and the many factors that truly influence demand is a massively important component to your success in a given site or market. With the holistic visibility afforded to you by datasets that capture the 7 Elements of fuel pricing success, you'll have the permission to price competitively.

There's only one place to get information about emerging trends, your competition's facilities and operations, price ranges, traffic patterns and everything between. Kalibrate's market intelligence isn't just a summary of competitive pricing influencers. It's a deep and granular dataset proven through more than 700 markets around the world by the people on the ground.

This type of granularity allows Kalibrate to rank markets by opportunity, giving you an understanding of which markets to enter and why — and when. Should you use the dataset and relevant insights to maximize volume or margin at individual locations, that same granularity and detailed insight can enable faster, more flexible and more effective pricing.

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