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Kalibrate Planning

Make fuel and convenience network decisions that you can rely on.

Cutting-edge predictive science meets human expertise

Underpinned by advanced predictive modeling, unrivaled data, and proven accuracy, Kalibrate Planning empowers you to maximize the profitability of your entire fuel and retail network – from expansion and acquisition to individual site optimization and performance benchmarking.

  • Evaluate competitors’ strengths and weaknesses at micro and macro level
  • Respond rapidly to competitors’ changes and market opportunities
  • Understand how each decision you make will impact your competitive landscape

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  • Streamline your network’s search for growth
  • Predict investment outcomes with pinpoint accuracy
  • Answer the all-important ‘buy or build’ question with confidence every time

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  • Simulate the effects of network changes before you make them
  • Identify low-performing sites that have low potential
  • Base your decision-making on accurate, real-world data – not guesswork


  • Comprehend the relationships between each element of your sites
  • Establish which low-performing sites have high potential
  • Understand the actions required to maximize return

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  • Benchmark your business against new and existing competitors
  • Understand when and where to expand your network
  • Know how to remain competitive in your evolving market

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Plan new sites

Find the most lucrative locations for network expansion
  • Take advantage of industry-leading predictive modeling
  • Use micro-local data to understand location potential
  • Avoid costly investment mistakes

Optimize your existing network

See how to invest capital for higher turnover and greater ROI
  • Understand site-specific drivers of performance
  • Discover ways to maximize each site’s revenue
  • Define your wider value proposition

Identify merger-and-acquisition opportunities

Buy out other retailers to gain a stronger hold in your market
  • Examine historical volume data for M&A candidates
  • Forecast future volumes
  • Validate your decisions through real-world data

Rationalize your network

Know which sites to close or sell for improved profitability
  • Compare site performance against site potential through quadrant analysis
  • Identify underperforming sites prime for divestment or closure
  • Make closure decisions objectively, based on accurate data

Companies using Kalibrate Planning

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“Kalibrate improves your business – and how you do business. There’s always another layer that you can peel back.”

Kameron Stringham, 7-Eleven

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a network planning tool if I don’t intend to build new sites?

Forecasting the potential of new-to-industry sites is a major use case for Kalibrate Planning, but it’s not the only one.

There’s also network optimization, mergers and acquisitions, network rationalization, and reacting to market changes.

Perhaps most compellingly, Kalibrate Planning can simulate combinations of these scenarios, for example, the arrival of a new competitor, alongside the rebrand of an acquired site, and the divestment of another site nearby.

Can I forecast fresh food, convenience store, and QSR as well as fuel?

The newest versions of Kalibrate Planning allow you to model both fuel and non-fuel offerings.

Understanding why customers come to your locations (i.e. what the volume magnets are) is a major output of the platform. Once you understand the reasons why some sites work and others don’t, you can start to model changes at each site to maximize performance.

Will it take a lot of time and work to get my data formatted for Kalibrate Planning?

We are responsible for data curation, the predictive modeling, and the ingress of your data. We will work with your team to make that as easy and as quickly as possible.

Delivering accurate results fast is one of our key objectives, and we want to reduce your time-to-value by providing analysis as quickly as we can.

Does Kalibrate still carry out on-site surveys to gather site attributes for all sites in the market?

We utilize the most appropriate data collection technique in each situation, in order to produce an accurate, reliable network planning model in each market.

In some markets, we continue to send our own people into the field to conduct on-site surveys. In other markets, we work with third parties.

How has new science improved Kalibrate’s network planning capability?

Refreshing the science means the software’s algorithms have become more flexible, current, and in line with market needs. Benefits include: reduced model-build time, better modeling for convenience retail, and the inclusion of client data.

Fuel Focus: Fuel Network Optimization

To succeed in today’s fuel and convenience market, you have to constantly optimize your network. Here’s how data and AI can help you gain competitive advantage.

We give you more than just a software platform. Our people are industry experts who give you strategic insight and best-practice advice. We can assess your current network planning practices and deliver a personalized demo, showing you exactly how Kalibrate Planning’s 7 Elements framework will help you maximize revenue and ROI, site by site.

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