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Kalibrate Pricing: The platform that delivers real competitive advantage.


Kalibrate Pricing

Sell more fuel, at a better margin, with lower costs, and reduced risk.

Artificial intelligence meets human expertise

Underpinned by cutting-edge science, unrivalled global capability, and deep market expertise, Kalibrate Pricing has more functional depth than any other pricing product, helping you meet your objectives and transform your business.

  • Make optimal pricing decisions through machine learning and AI, or via rule-based pricing
  • Give your team more time for analysis
  • Set your own pricing targets, tailored to your specific business rules
  • Maximize profit for volume with intelligent price generation

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  • Dynamically evolve your pricing strategy at your required speed
  • Respond rapidly to frequent competitor changes and market opportunities
  • Send automatic pricing decisions directly to the pump for maximum speed-to-value
  • Execute pricing strategies and evaluate intelligence from anywhere

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  • Price with confidence and take the guesswork out of the equation
  • Gain actionable insight through customized reporting
  • Continually monitor, evaluate, and improve your pricing strategies
  • Understand your strengths and spot opportunities through end-to-end visibility

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  • Remove compliance doubt with fully audited, compliant, and consistent pricing decisions
  • Track pricing decisions for absolute transparency and auditing ease
  • Avoid fines by meeting legislation 100% of the time

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  • Shape your pricing strategy with machine learning and AI-based, or via decisioning rules
  • Dynamically evolve your pricing strategy in line with market movement
  • Keep one step ahead of competition with intelligent price generation

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Scientific optimization or rules-based pricing

Price the way you want to – confidently and without guesswork.
  • Optimize your prices through machine learning and AI, or with our extensive rules library
  • Dynamically evolve your pricing strategy across all market types
  • Respond rapidly to market events and competitor changes

Integrated analytics

Monitor and evaluate your pricing strategies with our customized reporting and analysis tools.
  • Continually monitor performance
  • Evaluate and adjust your pricing strategies
  • Understand your strengths, spot opportunities and justify your decisions through end-to-end visibility
  • Easily comply with legislation

Cutting-edge science

Combine sophisticated data treatment with modeling and intelligent optimization to maximize profitability and meet your volume targets. Apply advanced analytics to:
  • Infer missing prices
  • Create and overlay day-part demand period segmentation
  • Discover your site and brand sensitivities 
  • Continually monitor the health of your data

Point-of-Sale integration

Automatically send new pricing decisions to your POS and digital signage in seconds.
  • Easily integrate with your point of sale (POS) and digital-signage solutions
  • Minimize the time between centralized pricing decisions and display on-sign
  • Achieve maximum speed-to-value and retain your competitive edge

Companies Using Kalibrate Pricing

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"Kalibrate is fundamental in our pricing activity."

Tom Hatton, Pricing Manager, Certas Energy

Frequently asked questions

Is Kalibrate Pricing a ‘must have’?

To thrive in today’s fuel market, you need to be agile. This helps you keep pace with competitors’ prices and wider market events, and it enables you to capitalize on money-making opportunities when they arise.

But you can’t do this alone. You need the right software to give you the right insights at the right times, and that’s exactly what Kalibrate Pricing does – highlighting opportunities to lift your bottom line, support other areas of your business, and increase your profitability.

How do I know if my company will benefit from using Kalibrate Pricing?

Kalibrate Discovery is a free, no-obligation service that researches your company’s pricing capabilities and identifies areas where improvements can be made.

Within a week of initial research, we will apply our extensive understanding of industry best practices to produce a detailed report for you, laying out all of the possible enhancements and how to go about making them.

Can I try before I buy?

Trials can be expensive and are time-consuming to implement. An equally effective and much more cost-efficient route is for us to provide you with information from (comparable) successful trials that we’ve conducted in the past.

Across varying markets, sizes, and countries, we have 134 existing Kalibrate Pricing clients who have been using the platform for three or more years. Where possible, we will arrange for you to talk to some of these clients ahead of moving forward with your project.

What are the technical requirements for Kalibrate Pricing?

An open connection to the internet is required, in order to communicate outward over the secure HTTPS protocol.

What security measures are in place?

We penetration-test both our science cloud services and the Kalibrate Pricing product to ensure the highest level of security for you.

Secret authentication keys are in place when communicating between Kalibrate Pricing and the science cloud. No customer-identifiers are stored in the science cloud, which means that the data cannot be traced back to any organization.

We use services provided by Microsoft Azure for security, so we benefit from all the accreditation that Azure has (PCI, SOC2, etc.). The main API is secured using Azure Active Directory, and other services we use are secured by short-lived access tokens (all provided by Azure).

How long does it take to upload data to the cloud and build new models?

It takes around 15 seconds per site to upload approximately two years’ worth of data, and 10 seconds per site to generate a new model for a product at a site.

Fuel Futures: Price Optimization

Optimal pricing is crucial to ongoing success in fuel retail. It’s what enables you to drive volume, stay competitive, and achieve maximum profitability.

We give you more than just a fuel pricing platform. Our people are industry experts who work with you, giving you the benefit of their deep pricing knowledge.

We can benchmark your pricing operations against best practice by carrying out diagnostic exercises, accompanied by a personalized demo that shows you exactly how Kalibrate Pricing can make your operations more efficient and more profitable.

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