Every market is different. Every client’s opportunities are unique.
As fuel and convenience retailing around the globe evolves and becomes more competitive, Kalibrate Strategy Group delivers the perspectives and solutions that cut through complexity and meet challenges head on. The goal? Total Site Profitability and success on your own terms.


We are game changers. For over 20 years, Kalibrate has helped clients change the way they think about what’s possible in the fuel and convenience retail industry. Our capabilities are rivaled only by our passion to increase retailers’ impact and profitability and achieve durable results.

Leveraging deep industry experience, Kalibrate Strategy Group combines comprehensive data and robust analytics to deliver dynamic, customized insights and solutions to clients through consulting engagements. We focus on the largest value drivers in an integrated fashion to maximize total site profitability. We apply best-in-class practices learned from experience. And when the times demand more, we innovate what fuel retailers need to control their business destiny.

Kalibrate Strategy Group’s unique combination of strategic foresight, analytical rigor and proven models gives us the ability to deliver tremendous frontline capabilities supported by best-in-class back-office toolkits. Our datasets are vast. Our assessments are fueled by the 7 Elements for Fuel and Convenience Retail Success model. And our years of industry experience have honed our thinking for impeccable business judgment.

Kalibrate Strategists stay in touch with diverse markets that yield valuable global perspectives and local insights. From executive suite to operational realities, the Strategy Group knows how to optimize and grow retail fuel and convenience stores for total profitability. The result? Our clients have what it takes to master their markets and thrive through their most critical business decisions.


A Few of the Questions Kalibrate Strategists Answer
Before we design market strategies, benchmark performance or identify opportunities for improvement, we listen to you. Kalibrate consulting engagements can help clients answer questions and identify opportunities across the 7 Elements, including but never limited to:


  • Which markets will give me maximum growth opportunity? Where is the unsatisfied demand?
  • What is the best strategy for entering newly deregulated markets?
  • Are my current markets near critical mass and saturation?
  • Am I monitoring the correct competitors for each site?


  • Does my pricing strategy maximize sales and profitability at the pump and in the store?
  • Is my pricing strategy being translated effectively into daily pricing tactics? Am I missing opportunities to increase margin or volume?


  • Should I divest underperforming sites? Or invest to increase performance?
  • Should I buy or build? If I build, what locations have the raw dirt strength to meet my goals and minimize cannibalization of existing sites? 
  • How are my sites performing against the competition?


  • Is my store and promotional layout optimized for maximum benefit, considering customer segmentation?
  • How do I price merchandise for optimum profit and impact on the forecourt?


  • How should I improve the experience of my facilities?
  • Is the space at each site being used optimally?
  • What variations in offerings are best for my network?


  • Do my forecourt and in-store operations align for maximum impact? 
  • Do my operations support the experience customers want? 
  • Do my operations support my retail network’s value proposition? 


  • How is my brand performing compared to competitors? 
  • How can I increase my network’s brand value? 
  • If I acquire new sites, how will they perform with my brand?

Kalibrate Strategy Group Specialties include

  • Fuel and convenience store management 
  • Retail portfolio strategy development and implementation 
  • Retail strategic market planning 
  • Retail network optimization 
  • Market evaluation and ranking 
  • Fuel price optimization
  • Merchandise price analysis and strategies
  • Competitor benchmarking 
  • Financial modeling 
  • Supply chain logistics 
  • Downstream business operations