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Should you buy, build or re-build? Which location is best? The foundation of fuel and convenience retail success is expert retail network planning. Kalibrate’s market data, prescriptive analytics and 20+ years of industry expertise are ready to work for you.

Whether you’re assessing potential locations for new sites or taking the pulse on existing outlets, Kalibrate’s location planning and site selection software give you powerful support to make intelligent investment decisions.

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Retail Network Planning 


With so many factors to consider, how can you confidently decide where to expand your retail network? No one can afford a poor choice in site selection and the years of business struggle that will follow. Kalibrate provides the location intelligence you need to avoid painful missteps.

Our unique approach streamlines the location planning process and identifies genuine capital and operational opportunities. Kalibrate's Retail Network Planning takes the guesswork out of capital investments.

With Kalibrate's Retail Network Planning you can

  • Pinpoint the absolute best locations based on your brand position and strategic goals
  • Evaluate the potential impact of consolidating, relocating or remodeling
  • Identify opportunities for mergers or acquisitions within your market and expedite due diligence
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your outlets and competitors’ outlets
  • Compare data points that mean the most to your business, from traffic flow to more specific factors like hours of operation, fuel prices and branding details
  • Generate accurate fuel volume projections and convenience store sales based on customizable factors
  • Quickly and affordably test strategic scenarios before implementing them


Retail Site Analysis

Kalibrate’s Retail Site Analysis services map “what if” scenarios and their outcomes—before you make investments. Unbiased, reliable models help you assess challenging business decisions—like the impact of a new brand sign, new acquisition or larger convenience store offer—so you can avoid poor decisions and maximize profitable outcomes.

We take the guesswork out of new acquisitions or site changes. Whether Single Site Analysis, Acquisition Analysis, Hot Spot Analysis or New Site Analysis, Kalibrate puts location intelligence to work for you.

With Kalibrate's Retail Site Analysis services, you can

  • Understand the outcome of your decisions before investing capital
  • Get precise fuel and convenience store volume projections representing the dirt strength for all new site possibilities
  • See how an acquired outlet would impact sales at current outlets
  • Expedite the search for best available properties based on your business requirements
  • Understand how a site compares to competitors’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Get effective information for use in negotiations
  • And much more.

Single Site Analysis

Refine your due diligence for any existing or proposed new location. We provide you with accurate volume projections based on your unique goals. Take these volume and sales projections to the bank—literally.


Acquisition Analysis

What impact will a prospective acquisition have on your network, brand, volume and profitability? Acquisition Analysis makes sense of complex possibilities so you can make educated growth and development decisions.


Hot Spot Analysis

Which locations are best for your brand? Rely on data-verified discoveries with a Hot Spot Analysis based on your brand, competitors, consumer traffic and other factors important to your business.


New Site Analysis

The right location is just one of many elements that affect a site’s potential. New Site Analysis uncovers alignments and gaps between a prospective site and your current network strategies, so you can grow intelligently.


It’s time to get started.

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