Kalibrate Managed Services

Secure, reliable performance for your fuel-retail management ecosystem

Kalibrate Managed Services offers secure performance, financial efficiency and peace of mind for clients of Kalibrate’s cloud-based solutions. Our dedicated hosting, backup and 24/7 support takes the IT burden off clients and streamlines control of their fuel-retail management ecosystem. 

Managed Services, through a strategic partnership with industry leader Rackspace, provides a technological backbone for Kalibrate Cloud and other systems clients choose to integrate. Hardware, software, security, data management, application support, upgrades, maintenance and 24/7 support provide a cost-efficient, reliable structure for IT performance.

With Kalibrate Managed Services you get

  • Secure hosting and systems backup for your fuel-retail management operations 
  • Reduced risk of downtime and more reliable business continuity 
  • Centralized system efficiencies 
  • 24/7 support from three diversely-located data centers 
  • Cloud-based efficiencies including faster system updates and dashboard reporting 
  • Lower capital investment and predictable monthly costs compared with inhouse IT

With Kalibrate Managed Services you can

  • Reduce the internal IT burden — less cost and fewer headaches 
  • Keep pace with technology 
  • Increase tech reliability and resiliency 
  • Focus on running the business instead of managing IT services and applications

Kalibrate Connect

The agile way to connect diverse systems for greater value

Every management ecosystem — including fuel and convenience retail – must wrestle multiple data streams from diverse systems. Pricing. POS. ERP. Does one side of the business talk to the other? What could you learn if they all connected? 

Kalibrate Connect middleware streamlines and simplifies connections between Kalibrate technology solutions and client legacy systems. Seamless integration from any POS or ERP system brings product costs and site volumes into view. This flexible software layer means you can leverage — not lose — the value of your existing data and infrastructure. This is just one way Kalibrate supports total profitability across the management ecosystem. 

With Kalibrate Connect you get

  • Flexible software layer that enables interoperability among diverse tech systems without disturbing their core operating systems or hardware 
  • Designed to retain performance of systems on either side of the interface layer 
  • Agile middleware that enables clients to evolve their technology configurations with lower IT commitment

With Kalibrate Connect you can

  • Drive new value out of internal legacy systems 
  • Coordinate data streams from various systems for optimized pricing practices 
  • Quickly integrate systems at newly acquired sites or decommissioned sites 
  • Create consistent application performance across sites with diverse legacy systems


Kalibrate Mobile

Real world visibility. Real-time speed.

Kalibrate Mobile unleashes Kalibrate Pricing Cloud, connecting intelligence at headquarters with action in the field. The fully-integrated app makes on-site data immediately visible and actionable. Kalibrate Mobile keeps head office personnel connected to field activities for quick responses to price requests and greater visibility into data gathering accuracy. Available for Android and iOS devices.

What can you do with Kalibrate Mobile in the field?
The app’s permissions can be configured for two levels of responsibility:

Execute New Prices
Wherever you are, instantly price your sites to avoid costly delays.

  • Review, approve and modify price suggestions from headquarters
  • Implement new prices at your site from the app
  • Access site-level KPIs to aid decision-making

Submit Price Surveys
Accurate pricing performance depends on timely competitive intelligence.

  • Easily and affordably implement best-practice price surveys
  • Report competitor price changes rapidly and consistently
  • Intuitive, secure and easy to use for temporary or full-time surveyors

With Kalibrate Mobile you get

  • Full integration with Kalibrate Pricing Cloud
  • Secure, high-efficiency, remote data exchange
  • Cost-effective way to align field and office pricing practices
  • Location-based mapping features
  • Intuitive interface requires minimal training time
  • In-app notifications to your survey targets and price reviews
  • Use with Android and iOS smartphone and tablet devices

With Kalibrate Mobile you can

  • Ensure consistent price survey practices across any number of locations and geographies
  • Control pricing, wherever you are
  • Speed the integration of real-time price surveys into the pricing system
  • Make better pricing decisions faster

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