Explore your micro-market

Understand the potential of your individual site and the impact of that site on your overall network.

Before you invest in a new or existing site, you need to understand its potential. 

Discover the best scenario for every site to maximize volume and profitability. With Kalibrate’s Single Site Analysis, you can:

  • Get timely, accurate, unbiased fuel and convenience store volume projections
  • Explore insights on adjacent offers to fuel and convenience
  • Test multiple “what if” scenarios, to refine plans and avoid under or overbuilding
  • Avoid cannibalizing nearby locations by testing the impact of proposed site plans

Kalibrate’s Single Site Analysis — request a free sample REPORT in your area

“The best thing about working with Kalibrate is that we know we can rely on the reports. They give us independent, scientifically led confirmation or refutation of belief… I’m continually learning from Kalibrate’s reports, and I’m now in a position that I can discount sites before even trying them with Kalibrate.”

Adam Furstein, Chief Development Officer, United Pacific