Location Planning

Better data and analytics = stronger investment decisions and a more profitable retail network

Fuel retail network planning involves making costly decisions. Kalibrate provides comprehensive data and an advanced analytics platform to help you make the right choices.

Solve retail network planning problems with impressive accuracy

From understanding the effects of a single site rebrand to predicting network success across hundreds of global locations using per-site changes, Kalibrate location planning helps you model the options and avoid costly mistakes.

See the realities of your business and market in detail. Make better investments

Our optimization science and our ability to source and manage comprehensive micro-local data sets our location planning solution apart. Kalibrate assimilates retail market data in an easy-to-use predictive model for effective decision making.

Kalibrate location planning solutions

Whether you’re assessing potential locations for new sites or taking the pulse on existing outlets, Kalibrate location planning solutions give you powerful support to make intelligent investment decisions.

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Validate your excellent plans. Veto the rest

When examining decisions for a single location or for an entire network of sites, our predictive analysis will help you challenge your location plans, whether you want to overhaul your strategy or maintain and expand.

Partner with Kalibrate for predictive analysis that makes the difference

Kalibrate has provided reliable and accurate retail site analysis and predictive expertise for over 25 years in over 70 countries. In fact, the fastest growing fuel retailers in the USA, India, and Mexico are Kalibrate clients. Help your retail business make better investment decisions now.

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