Market Data

Make retail site decisions like they really matter. Because they do

Did you know that up to 40% of competitor sites that you believe affect your business may actually have no impact at all? If your focus is wrong, at best you could be limiting performance, and at worst giving up margin. Accurate, up-to-date data about your market and competitors is the only way to understand your environment and operate smarter.

Kalibrate is home to the largest verified global dataset of fuel and convenience store retail market data in the world, and we're committed to giving you confidence — both in knowing the realities of your market and in making smart investments.

Robust and recent, our data can fuel your growth

Track historical trends, examine current strengths and weaknesses, and anticipate future market changes — all before investing capital or committing to major changes to your retail network.

Choose your next steps based on a clear reality of your market. Stay ahead of your competition

Retail market data is key to making real estate, competitor, investment, and site selection decisions within the retail fuel and convenience space. Kalibrate's data is accurate and ready for you to start using now.

Market Survey Discovery Map

When a market boundary is defined, we collect data for all retail fuel and convenience sites within that boundary. Our Market Survey Discovery Map can show you where we've been.

See the map

Constant updates mean you never miss the current truth of your changing market

Kalibrate offers the most robust survey of fuel and retail sites around the globe — tracking detailed characteristics for each site and updating regularly, even adding markets.

A customized approach to market data gives you insight to set your business apart

To be the leader in your market, you need to know the market. Our comprehensive business intelligence analytics and customized approach means you get the information that matters most to you.

Why Kalibrate Stands Out