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Make smarter business decisions with traffic intelligence you can count on

Until now, businesses relying on traffic count information had no single source for data. With inconsistent data formats from multiple sources, processing published traffic count data was a daunting, time-consuming task. Not anymore.

Useful traffic data needs to be accurate and timely

TrafficMetrix Published Traffic Count database is updated quarterly and is included in our database of over 5 million traffic counts throughout the world. From metropolitan six-lane freeways to the smallest two-lane rural roads, we continuously update the accuracy of our traffic count intelligence.

Current year estimates give your business decisions a leg to stand on

Traffic count data impacts any project that demands geospatial awareness. Until recently, businesses had to wait on city, state, and federal organizations, leading to outdated info. We make forecasts available in days.

The most complete, commercially available traffic count database

Learn about Kalibrate's methodology for collecting the most relevant traffic data, how TrafficMetrix has helped businesses around the globe, and how it can help your business, too.

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Don't wait years for updated traffic counts. Our collection methods solve this problem

Our approach to collecting traffic count data has revolutionized the way counts are applied in business settings. Now, you have an accessible resource just a few clicks away.

A growing database you can leverage to identify opportunities and grow demand

Our traffic count database is under constant improvement, so it's easier for your business to access information that will power better decisions. Want to see what's coming next?

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The best information is right around the corner. 

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