TrafficMetrix® Current Year Estimates

Traffic count data impacts site selection, analysis, and other projects relying on geospatial data to complete. Until recently, businesses had to wait on city, state and federal organizations to fund, collect and publish traffic count data. By the time analysts and project managers could get their hands on published counts, the data was outdated (eight years, on average).

Realizing the need for up-to-date data, Kalibrate developed the TrafficMetrix Current Year Estimates forecasting model.

Get the traffic count data you need, when you need it.

TrafficMetrix Current Year Estimates projects annual daily traffic counts representing the current year. Up-to-date traffic count data is available in common GIS and database formats that can be delivered within a matter of days.

Who uses TrafficMetrix Current Year Estimates?

The most popular business uses for TrafficMetrix include:

  • Retail site selection analysis
  • Convenience Stores selection modeling
  • Commercial Real Estate brokers marketing their property
  • Restaurants for expansion planning
  • Technology companies modeling consumer behavior
  • Planned Residential Communities
  • Government Planning
  • Education institutions

Upgrading GIS Protocol

Clients upload data to existing GIS programs and include the points as part of their geospatial analysis.

Additional Benefits

  • Make business decisions based on the most up-to-date traffic data for evaluating sites and incorporating into risk assessment models.
  • Identify high-demand opportunities that may have been initially overlooked when using outdated published count data.
  • GIS and database formats can be delivered within days after receiving receipt of an order.
  • Available by state, region, county or any other are you choose.

TrafficMetrix Current Year Estimates for more than 1 million data points.

Current year traffic volume estimates are generated using published traffic count data, trend data and up-to-date demographic information including validation results.

Download Current Year Estimates Product Sheet