TrafficMetrix® Published Traffic Counts

The majority of organizations that supply traffic count data don’t update their counts all that often. Many may update portions of data annually, while others revisit there counts even less frequently than that.

TrafficMetrix Published Traffic Counts are different. TrafficMetrix counts are updated quarterly, and included in our database of over 5 million traffic counts throughout the world and over 3.5 million Published Counts across North America.

The data is compiled into a national file that can be delivered at the National, State, County, and Market level.

Who uses TrafficMetrix Published Traffic Counts?

The most popular business uses for TrafficMetrix include:

  • Retail site selection analysis
  • Convenience Stores selection modeling
  • Commercial Real Estate brokers marketing their property
  • Restaurants for expansion planning
  • Planned Residential Communities
  • Government Planning
  • Education institutions

Upgrading GIS Protocol

Clients upload data to existing GIS programs and include the points as part of their geospatial analysis.

Additional Benefits

  • Over 5 million traffic counts throughout the world.
  • More than 3.5 million Published Counts across North America.
  • Traffic count data is collected from more than 6,000 sources.
  • Counts are available in a matter of days via common GIS, spreadsheet and database formats.
  • Historical published counts are available.
  • Collect data by state, region, county or any area you choose.

Download TrafficMetrix Published Traffic Counts Product Sheet