How is TrafficMetrix® Data Collected?

TrafficMetrix® traffic count data is collected from more than 6,000 sources, with a warehouse of over 5 million traffic counts throughout the world and over 3.5 million Published Counts across North America. It is the single most complete database of annual daily traffic counts commercially available.

Where does original traffic count data come from?

Government agencies, metropolitan planning organizations and various third-party vendors perform traffic counts for a number of reasons. Traffic volume data influences governmental planning, funding, safety assessments, traffic engineering and more. This information is also extremely valuable to businesses when scouting potential sites and analyzing the performance of existing outlets.

How are traffic counts recorded?

Traffic counts have been performed a number of ways throughout the years, either electronically or by people physically tracking vehicles from the side of the road. New technologies have led to more high-tech options; including radar, infrared and GPS alternatives.

How accurate is traffic count data?

Accuracy can vary greatly depending on the source and count method. Unfortunately, data from these sources can often be very outdated. Some sources update their counts annually, while others may only do so once in a decade. Because of these variances, it can be difficult to extract meaningful, timely data from a single source. These are the primary reasons TrafficMetrix was conceived.

The data was out there, but it was dated, scattered and took considerable time to translate into actionable intelligence. Kalibrate found that when data was aggregated and integrated into their proprietary planning models, the most accurate and up-to-date data could be extracted and rendered in a standardized format.

This approach revolutionizes the way traffic count data is applied in business settings; reconstructing a process that once took a substantial number of days and man hours into an accessible resource just a few clicks away.

Current Year Estimates

Even with the increased accuracy and access that TrafficMetrix Published Counts make possible, Kalibrate wanted to dig deeper. After all, organizations that fund traffic data collection typically don’t publish their findings for at least a year, often longer. Published Counts could tell us about the past, but what about the present – even the future?

After exhaustive research and trials, Kalibrate created a predictive modeling technique that delivers current year traffic count projections designed to reinforce sound business decisions. Estimates are currently offered for over 1 million individual traffic data points.

In order to validate the forecasting model, Kalibrate withheld actual published traffic counts from the dataset and used the model to predict the withheld counts. The results demonstrated a disparity of only 5.4%

For an in-depth look at process behind Kalibrate’s predictive modeling, read our Current Year Estimates Whitepaper.