How Can Retailers Leverage Pricing Power?

8 December, 2017

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In our previous article in CSP Daily News, we spoke about how world-class fuel pricing power is defined and created via success in the six volume magnets. Position, People and Process all contribute to your ability to leverage that earned pricing power. So where do you begin?

With defining your price position. It should be tightly connected to your overall strategy, which needs to manifest in your site-by-site tactics. That's a vastly simplified version of the reality of fuel retail pricing, and the statement ignores the many challenges that accompany this endeavor.

How do you determine your ideal price positioning? How will you know what tactics make sense within the framework of that position? We explore further in this CSP Daily News article by Kalibrate's Ian Thompson, entitled, "Marrying Fuel Pricing Strategy and Tactics."

"Marrying Fuel Pricing Strategy and Tactics" Read Article Here


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