Which People Make the Best Fuel Price Analysts?

18 January, 2018

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In our previous articles in CSP Daily News, we spoke about how world-class fuel pricing power is defined and created via success in the six volume magnets — and about how you leverage the pricing power you can gain. Now, we're talking about the people required to price properly.

What characteristics do they have? What are the conditions under which they function best? And how can fuel retailers support a pricing analyst's success? Leaders must make a decision about the right team for the job, and often, they choose a team in the field. Is that the right condition?

It's tough to know for sure, but we have some recommendations. To build a team of pricing analysts and strategists that really impact overall company success, focus on certain personal and professional qualities and the conditions that support those qualities. We explore these ideas in detail in this CSP Daily News article by Kalibrate's Ian Thompson, entitled 6 Qualities of a Power Pricer.

"6 Qualities of a Power Pricer" Read Article Here 

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