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Before you invest, you need to know: How viable can this site be? No two sites are alike. Every site has its own unique potential, depending on the neighborhood and competition. So how can you plan what to buy, build or refurbish? How many pumps should you put in? Do you need a well-known brand? How large should the store be? 

Kalibrate’s Single Site Analysis has answers trusted by major brands as well as independents who were risking everything on a single investment. Single Site Analysis uses a proven model that forecasts fuel volume and retail sales at any existing or potential site. It leverages Kalibrate’s unmatched market intelligence in a weighted algorithm refined over 40 years of industry experience. 

Your site plans are analyzed in the context of local traffic data, consumer buying patterns, neighborhood demographics and competitor strengths and weaknesses. The result is an unbiased, data-driven view of a site’s volume potential. By testing multiple scenarios, Kalibrate helps you uncover the right mix of site characteristics that sets the stage for your site's maximum potential. 

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