Current, complete, and accurate traffic data counts

Whatever your sector, whatever your objective, you need robust, accurate data to empower yourself to make the right decisions.

TrafficMetrix® is the most comprehensive, accurate, commercially available database of traffic counts globally. Explore a free data sample for your area now.

Using TrafficMetrix® gives you a deep understanding of local markets, so you can enhance your planning decisions. You benefit from:

  • Extensive coverage with the ability to pinpoint at a local level
  • Total confidence in frequently updated, field-verified traffic counts, enhanced with artificial intelligence techniques in areas where actual counts are not available
  • Demonstrable higher accuracy than competing products
  • Assistance provided by Kalibrate’s knowledgeable team, at no additional cost

Kalibrate’s TrafficMetrix® — request a free data sample for your state

Thousands of companies use TrafficMetrix to make informed business planning decisions every day. From Global Fortune 100 companies to small businesses, governments, and educational institutions, TrafficMetrix is a critical component to strategy planning and tactical execution.